Wednesday, June 09, 2004

the news that made my day: texas quarters have been released to the public as of june 1st! don't click here if you wish to save your delight for when you receive your first one of these bad boys from a cashier. i, however, could not resist. while going through my change purse for a few shiny coins to feed to the vending machine in exchange for some of the world's favorite candy, i saw a michigan quarter. this made me wonder, "when is the next state quarter due to bring childlike joy to the masses?" a quick visit to the us mint website alerted me to the fact that a new quarter could be in my greasy mits any day now. these quarters are another geeky indulgence of mine. i even have one of those maps that has a place for each of the 50 states' contributions to the project. some day it will hold a place of honor in my very own apartment.