Thursday, June 10, 2004

my first blind item (stolen from "[what] clotheshorse and big spender . . . spends [sic] hours and hours trying on only fashion’s costliest threads[?] Problem is, she’s so careless about her personal hygiene that once she wears something, it reeks so badly of her personal scent that it can’t possibly be sold retail anymore--so her try-ons first get seriously dry-cleaned, then shipped to discount racks. The doll is so stanky that after she completed shooting her recent hit movie, the wardrobe people burned her costumes to a crisp because they were totally unusable. This helps explain why she hooked up with her slightly less famous current squeeze, whose many erotic fetishes include flooding his sniffer with overripe body aromas." the website's readers suggest everyone from penelope cruz to kirsten dunst. i immediately thought j. lo, but i think one person's guess of salma hayek is way more likely. do you have any ideas?