Friday, June 18, 2004

it's friday and i'm antsy, questioning my life choices. should i move out of my parents' house where i am sadly, embarrassingly comfortable and attempt becoming an adult (albeit a pathetically needy and pop-culture obsessed adult) again by moving in with my library school-bound friend? i kind of have it really good at home. i mean, i get along with my parents and even enjoy their company and i avoid all bills except those of the student loan and credit card variety. however, living without a license in the somewhat isolated, isolating village of montgomery, leaves me quite without a social life. still, living the apartment life brings me further from my goal of procuring myself a mini cooper. so, the question is really this: should i go on living my life in maryland as a pit stop in which i can pretend that this is not really my life for at least another year? or should i accept the fact that, right now, my life does exist within a mostly 15-mile radius of my childhood home, grow up and move out? it's a tough question. my money is on continuing my deluded pit-stop mentality. but i could fool myself.