Friday, June 04, 2004

i have a new look. i really like polka dots. i hope that if anyone reads this, they like polka dots too. on another blog-related topic i choose to rant. i, clearly, am new to the blog-writing community. i probably have no right to complain about how others use this, for lack of a better phrase, form of self-expression. however, certain types of blogs piss me off: the anonymous but not anonymous celebrity blog and the truly anonymous "celebrity" blog. if you want to do a blog, fred durst, and you want everyone who reads it to know it's you, call it fred durst's blog. if you want to do an anonymous blog, ben affleck, owen wilson or whoever you are (gary coleman?), then don't go around dropping hints and making allusions to the high-class events that you attend. i mean, if you really didn't want anyone to know who you are, you would just leave well enough alone. also, i really don't care that you were unaware that spago moved. clearly you are too busy ditching the london premiere of your last flop to to note the new address. of course, there are other non-celebrity blogs that make me cringe. but i am above airing my dirty laundry on the internet.