Monday, June 14, 2004

i have been going to the bathroom approximately 50 times a day at work. i am beginning to think that the people in my area suspect that i am on the verge of incontinence. it's not as if the bathroom is a cool hang out, either. i really have to go that often. i have been drinking a fair amount of water, but nowhere near the amount that one is supposed to drink in order to stay healthy. it's a mystery, indeed.

regarding my reading habits, i have been trying to improve them and have started this endeavor with the chuck klosterman book, fargo rock city. never have i felt so insufferably uncool for not knowing my way around the motley crue and poison catalogs. i don't think i actually ever heard of crue until the 90s, but my introduction to poison, i remember well. there was this girl in my neighborhood who was probably 15 when i was 7 (making her about the same age as my sister at the time, but comparably much cooler). imagine the kind of girl who would go to a poison concert in 1987 and you pretty much have the exact image of her in your head. anyway, for some reason, she bothered to hang around me and my neighborhood friend patrice. all i really remember is that i thought she was dangerous (in a good way) and that my parents could not know that i spoke with her. she also liked poison and u2 and wrote their names in chalk on the street. this convinced me that both of these groups must be what was called "heavy metal". i had never actually seen or heard poison, but i already knew they were not for my 7-year-old ears. in the next year or two, my sister would play the u2 "rattle and hum" tape while riding in the car with me and my mother. i would overhear a discussion about "helter skelter" and for years think that bono had killed a pregnant woman and written the word "pig" on the wall with her blood. this is a whole different story, of course. so anyway, if you want to read a somewhat sociological account of metal, you should read this book. it's pretty good.