Tuesday, June 29, 2004

i always sort of looked on in awe at the people who did this when i was in high school, but this morning, i am drinking coke at 8:57 am. my throat hurts and the carbonation makes it feel better. also, i kind of had a craving for it. that, and diner food. i don't know what's wrong with me.

on a different subject, last night's post should prove beyond any doubt why i should never write movie reviews or any reviews for that matter. i don't think that i am any good at explaining why i think that something is good or bad. it just is. but i do have to add a couple of more reasons why spidey 2 is sweet: the bruce campbell cameo and one of the best last sentences in a movie ever. i could be projecting with that one, though. i just wish i was the one saying it. i read a review in the washington post this morning that was positive. it spent a little too much time dwelling on why the reviewer is not attracted to kirsten dunst, including a criticism of her teeth (let's not get petty here). one last thing, i found that watching dr. octopus (who i keep wanting to call dr. octogon [blame kool keith]) scale skyscrapers left me really anxious for the peter jackson king kong. i don't know how i feel about andy serkis as the ape in question, however.