Tuesday, June 15, 2004

everyone has been asking, so i guess i have to oblige. madonna was great. i don't care what anyone else says, she still puts on a rad show. and she displays no signs of slowing down. sometimes her ideas are a little misguided and/or derivative but i mean, it's f-king madonna. no one has ever looked so good in camouflage. suspiciously missing, however, were the pregnant back-up dancers. i was a little disappointed by their absence and that of "love profusion," but overall it would definitely make it into the top 5 shows of all time list. especially because of my awesome seats. really top notch. after i saw them, i had to break down and buy that t-shirt i was coveting. it was 10 bucks cheaper at the show too. by the time i left, it was sold out, so i feel it was money well spent.