Friday, June 11, 2004

the day for which i have been waiting since november 2002 is finally here and it seems that, in all likelihood, i will miss it. i won't be missing the entire day, of course, but i will be missing my reason for so highly anticipating it. that's right, my friends, it appears as though i will not be attending the new garfield movie, featuring two of today's biggest stars, breckin meyer and jennifer love hewitt. god was clearly mocking me when he put together the incredible vocal talents of nick cannon and debra messing, knowing that i would only be able to bear witness to their greatness if i did so alone. no, unfortunately i appear to be the only person on this coast who is the least bit excited about this epiphany of a film. both the washington post and the new york times failed to give it the rave reviews it no doubt deserves. i guess i will have to settle for the other bill murray movie that i am planning to see tonight. you know, that one by that director who's really popular with the art school crowd.