Thursday, June 10, 2004

after being berated for my "bread and butter" post, i am returning to (what i do best?) celebrity gossip. and thus, i write. justice is being served. for the last few weeks, culminating today, i have been slightly disturbed by lindsay lohan's insistence in using the word "retarded" when speaking to the press. first, she called the rumors of her boob job retarded, then she called the hype about her brawl with hillary duff retarded, now she uses the word to describe a paparazzi chase that she was involved in this week. i mean, i call stuff retarded all the time, a remote that doesn't work, my friends, fellow drivers, but i would never say it to the press. an advocacy group, the arc, is going to try to teach this important lesson to miss lohan as well. they're sending her a note to explain her series of faux pas. she should consider taking their advice to heart, since half of her fans are probably retarded anyway.