Monday, May 17, 2004

this weekend i saw jay-z's 99 problems video starring rick rubin and vincent gallo?!? rubin's appearance makes sense but gallo? i don't get it. i can't really see him getting down with j and beyonce. call me crazy. speaking of crazy, i saw helter skelter over the weekend. it wasn't very good but jeremy davies was awesome as charles manson. he had his voice and mannerisms down perfectly. the movie didn't really do any background on any of the key players which was kind of lame. i would have liked it if it had started with scenes about manson's childhood. i guess the movie was supposed to be about the killings and not manson himself though. i could have sworn they showed a clip in the movie of "rick rubin" announcing that he was a fan of manson's. but then i looked up producer rick rubin and he was only born 6 years before the murders took place. i guess it was a different rubin. but the guy had the crazy facial hair and everything. maybe it was his dad . . . and since we're on the subject of dads, chris martin is now playing one to gwyneth paltrow's mom. they named their kid apple.