Friday, April 09, 2004

i have been out of commission the last few days. i hurt my back and have been trying to lay on it with all my free time. it's harder than you might think. after a while on the hard floor with nothing beneath you, your bum starts to hurt. maybe more precisely your tailbone. or maybe just my tailbone. i am back at work today, with a back pillow behind me. the other day, i tried coming in and just wound up waling around the office like a 75-year-old man all day.

latest excitements: the spiderman 2 trailer. if you missed this last night, you are truly an arsehole. go watch it right now.

lemony snicket movie. apparently this clip was shown during the nickelodeon kid's choice awards.

jess and rory are dating! in real life! okay they are really called alexis and milo. whatever. go to wireimage and look up alexis bledel if you want to see them holding hands.

they are making a sequel to before sunrise. i guess they already made it because people have seen it. it is called . . . before sunset. name aside, this is cool. even if i get made fun of for liking it so much.

latest peeves: how come guadalupe lopez gets to win $2.4 million? that seems so wrong.

another thing that is so wrong. i went to best buy on wednesday and they didn't have the freaks and geeks box set. they told me i had to wait until next tuesday. to quote an often ridiculed miscellany news column, what's up wit dat?